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Marifit is a firm believer in less is more.  All of our protein poppers are handmade daily in the heart of Southern California from organic, simple, and wholesome ingredients proven to fuel success.

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We like it raw.

 Take a look at some of the benefits stored in our poppers!


Chopped Almonds

Unsweetened Coconut Shavings

Fiber rich and proven to aid in weight loss, heart health, and digestion.

All Natural Peanut & Almond Butter

Vegan Chocolate 

Chopped Peanuts & Walnuts

Heavy protein source, full in fiber, and healthy fats

Heavy protein source and lighter in fats. Proven to lower blood pressure and sugar levels

Contains key antioxidant compounds and excellent source of calcium

Protein handcrafted.  Every Protein Popper is carefully crafted in our custom kitchen located at the heart of Orange County, California.  Our detailed production isn't automated, but your nutrition can be. 

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